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April 1950

Founded in Tennoji-ku, Osaka for the purpose of manufacturing, selling and leasing mannequins

April 1965

With capital of 500,000 yen

Established Shirai Mannequin Co., Ltd.

April 1972

Introduced a rotary molding machine. Succeeded in mechanization of mannequin doll manufacturing.

June 1974

Introduced an injection molding machine. Succeeded in mass production of display products using ABS resin.

September 1974

Introduced rotary molding machine No. 2. Obtained a manufacturing patent and succeeded in mass production of the body.

February 1979

Introduced blow molding machine SB-65

October 1979

Introduced blow molding machine SA-75 No. 1

July 1982

Introduced the first urethane molding machine.

August 1983

Introduced blow molding machine SA-75 No. 2.

March 1985

Introduced urethane molding machine No. 2.

February 1990

Introduced a spray type urethane molding machine.

March 1993

With the completion of the new factory, the factory and factory sales office were relocated.

February 1998

Introduced the blow molding machine DA-75.

October 2001

Obtained a patent for the special technology of blow molding dies.

June 2004

Introduced the first blow molding machine DAE-75.

July 2006

Introduced blow molding machine DAE-75 No. 2.

July 2007

Higashi Osaka Warehouse Distribution Center completed.

October 2007

Established East Japan Division Tokyo store in Iidabashi.

June 2012

Introduced urethane molding machine No. 3.

July 2017

Introduced wet coating pump booth equipment.

January 2021

Moved the Tokyo store to Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture to expand sales channels.

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