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Company Profile

what we can do

ReBody changes the world

Making the most of environmentally friendly materials

Creating new value with advanced technology

Continuing to create valuable things

that’s shirai≪Inquisitiveness≫is

​Trade name

Shirai Co, Ltd


Hitoshi Shirai, President and CEO

Representative Director and Managing Director Hisashi Shirai


577-0827 Higashi-Osaka Kosuri 2-16-9
Phone +81-6-6729-5641 / Fax +81-6-6727-5802

[Tokyo store]
277-0843 Chiba Prefecture Kashiwa City Akehara 1-2-7 Hasegawa Building 4F Room B
Phone +81-4-7142-0210 / Fax +81-4-7142-0211


April 1965 (founded April 1950)


40 million yen

Business items

Manufacture and sale of display equipment

Mannequin body molding and sales

Officer name

President and CEO

​Executive Managing Director

Managing Director

Managing Director

Hitoshi Shirai

Hisashi Shirai

Satoshi Shirai

Takashi Shirai


Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Abenobashi West Branch

Nanto Bank Eiwa Branch

Shoko Chukin Bank Senba Branch


Headquarters (Higashi Osaka City)

Higashi Osaka Warehouse

(Distribution center)

Tokyo store

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